About the Instructor

Meet the instructor

Casey Calvey

CEO and Founder

From the first time that she stepped onto a yoga mat, Casey knew that she wanted to become a Yoga Instructor.  Yoga opens us to deeper connections between our bodies, mind and spirit and Casey wants to share this experience with others who are seeking to bring wholeness and harmony to their lives.
 Casey has been teaching a  Vinyasa Flow style of Hatha Yoga Classes for the past 5 years.  She has specialized training in teaching Yoga to children with Special Needs through Every Kids’ Yoga and also Yoga For The Special Child.   Casey has developed and implemented a curriculum for teaching Yoga  in the Pre-School Classroom and has also taught Family Yoga Classes in numerous settings.   Her classes are infused with creativity, acceptance and playfulness.  Casey is also certified to teach Pre-Natal/Post-Partum Yoga and she welcomes expectant mothers to all of her classes.  Casey is delighted to share her passion for Yoga and wellbeing with people of all ages and abilities.

136 E. Service Road, Binghamton NY 13901